Festool Abrasive sponge Granat 98x220x13 120 GR/6

Double -side sponge with unique grit coating on soft core foam compresses to conform to sensitive surface profiles providing even surface preparation with even pressure distribution.

Whether for those difficult-to-reach spots or for carrying out minor corrections, the new GRANAT premium hand sanding abrasives ensure you will achieve the desired sanding results quickly and efficiently, even for hand sanding. Long lasting, high-performance abrasives are resistant to tearing and are durable and washable. The synthetic resin bonding provides a tenacious grip for long lasting cutting power without grooves or scratches. Specially formed sponges provide unique profiles tackle hard-to-solve hand sanding problems, and sheets and rolls, tackle common sanding needs.

Helps achieve an outstanding final finish

Abrasives have excellent surface quality

No wrinkles or kinking for optimal protection of the surface

High material removal

Less grit break-out

Easy cleaning for a longer life time

Outstanding adaptation due to foam backing material

Manual hand sanding abrasives for any application

two-sided, flexible abrasive sponge

Ideal for sanding radius profiles and mould surfaces


Brand Festool
Product Type Paper Abrasives
Manufacturers SKU 201114
Packaging 6 Units
Size 98mm x 120mm x 13mm