Festool Interface Sander Backing Pad IP-STF-D220/48-LHS 2 225

The interface pad connects the ST-D220/48-LHS 2 225 sanding pad to the right abrasive, ensuring perfect sanding results with the PLANEX LHS 2 225 EQ (I) long-reach sander.

must be used in conjunction with the ST-D220/48-LHS 2 225 sanding pad

can be attached to the sanding pad with eight plastic screws supplied

easy to screw in the screws using a second screw or coin (no screwdriver is required)

StickFix hook-and-loop surface for securing and quickly changing abrasives


Brand Festool
Product Type Paper Abrasives
Manufacturers SKU 205418
Includes 8 x Plastic Screw
Diameter 8-1/2" (220 mm)